____________Frequently Asked Questions____________

1) Do you provide a written contract? Yes! It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing.  This helps to avoid any complications or misunderstanding.

2) Are you insured?: Yes! We are covered with a 1,000,000 liability policy. Any responsible business will carry liability insurance to protect their business and the consumer.

3) Will you be willing to play requests? Yes! Some other companies are under the impression that they know what music is best and will refuse to play requests. During our pre-event planning we will discuss the type of music and what songs you would like to hear. We will also take requests from your guests (if you desire) and play them whenever is appropriate.

4) Do you use Professional Equipment? Yes! We only use the finest in commercial grade equipment. JBL, Crown, Numark, and Denon just to name a few. This ensures that you will have the proper audio equipment for an exceptional event.

5) Will you be suitably dressed for our occasion? Yes! You specify the type of apparel that you expect us to wear for your occasion. Tuxedo or coat & tie are the most popular forms of attire. If you are having a "themed" event,  we can even accommodate for that!

6) Will you play the music at an appropriate level? Yes! Some DJ's prefer to blare you out of the room. We believe that the music should be kept at a comfortable level so you and your guests can talk at your tables and not shout over the music. However, if later in the evening, loud is what you prefer, then loud is what we can give you!

7) Do you know the proper procedure and etiquette for our event? Yes! As professionals, we will become involved with the planning of your special event and will be prepared to handle any announcements or special plans you may have. We would like to know every aspect of your event so that we may help you to have it go worry and stress free.

8) Do you have a substitute if you have an emergency or become ill? Yes! Being that we are family owned and operated, should one of us have an "act of God" that prevents us from performing, we have at least 3 other performers to take their place. You can feel confident that we will be at your event.

9) Do you do wedding ceremonies as well as receptions? Yes! We do have a variety of classical processional, ceremonial, prelude and recessional music in our library.

10) Are you a member of any professional organizations or associations? Yes! We are a proud member of the American Disc Jockey Association (A.D.J.A.) and our local Chamber of Commerce. We believe that this is a must if we want to learn and grow. Continuing our education through conventions and seminars will help to keep us on top of the industry.

11) What are your requirements to setup? We would like to have access to the event location 2 hours prior to the event and 45 minutes after for setup and take down of the equipment. We also require 1-15 amp, 110 volt outlet (a standard wall outlet) for our basic show and 2-15 amp, 110 volt outlets when we bring our light shows. These will need to be within 25 feet of the area where we are to be setup.
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